(What we *really* do)

... is to help you make money.

And we do this by teaching your CUBS system, users, and programmers new tricks, showing them all how to exploit today's heterogeneous workplace to their fullest advantage, even improving your system's 'ergonomics' (no joke) by icing the automation cake with a glossy coat of user-interface remodeling, because when your tools fit your hands (and eyes, and thinking processes) better, you move with more alacrity, your staff works more intuitively, and your business flows smoother. And that's not marketing hyperbole. We mean it so much, we've made it a core principle by which we work ourselves.

We've worked on a lot things over the years, but, where CUBS is concerned, most recently on the operating systems: RedHat, CentOS, AIX, HP-UX, and, of course Windows. All of them.

We've worked on all the CUBS-supported flavors of Pick, too: UniVerse, jBase, and even the unofficially supported D3.

We know Win2000, AccuTerm, PuTTY, and a few other ways to connect, too.

So, yeah, we're probably already pretty familiar with whatever you've got going on at your place.